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Turkic American Federation of Midwest

Turkic American Federation of Midwest

Turkish American Federation of Midwest is a non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to improve cultural, economic and social relations between the Turkish American communities and the people of Midwest. The Federation has more than 40 institutions under its umbrella. These institutions include community centers, dialog foundations, private schools, chambers of commerce and other associations established by the Bosnian, Albanian, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Azeri and Kazakh communities in the region. These sister communities have strong cultural and social bonds throughout the history.

The Federation organizes several events thru the community centers in order to meet the social needs of these communities, whereas the dialog centers aim to build bridges among people in order to get to know each other better. Our educational institutions thrive to raise the level of education in the US by incorporating the Turkish experience, which has proved success in many countries abroad. The chambers of commerce are ideal institutions to establish networking and create business opportunities between the US and the other countries mentioned above.


The Federation thrives to serve the following purposes:

– To represent the above mentioned communities living in Midwest area.

– To promote and organize intercultural, educational, spiritual, sporting and social events.

– To exert activities maintaining and spreading the Turkish culture and heritage;

– To assist member associations be organized and strengthen Turkish and the sister communities in the USA.

– To coordinate the exchange of information among member associations in order to present the same, the realistic and the most updated view of Turkey, and promote the general welfare of Turkish communities.

– To obtain, hold, manage, and expend funds for the execution of the above purposes and perform all necessary or proper things for the accomplishment of those purposes.

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