The TAF internships offer students and recent graduates an opportunity to interactively participate in the workings of the TAF office in Mount Prospect, IL. Interns carry out several responsibilities, such as the opportunity to perform research, draft reports, attend various events, draft reports regarding the events, and help answer correspondence. They also open and sort mails, and answer calls from or communicate with several political or diplomatic figures of Washington DC, Illinois, and of the Midwest. 

When can I intern?

You can apply for one of the options below:

Summer (June-August) (Deadline April 1)

Fall: (September to December) (Deadline July 1)

Spring: (January to May) (Deadline October 31)

What will I be doing?

Our interns assist staff in several areas including correspondence, research, and drafting reports. While intern duties are mainly administrative, interns should expect to be given more and more responsibilities during their period of internship in the TAF.

Are internships paid?

Unfortunately, internships are not paid. Candidates may seek financial assistance on their own from outside sources if needed. As indicated under different parts of our web site, internships are not paid and the interns also have to cover their own travel expenses to and from the office. Though travel to Washington D.C. and other locations for work related activities would be covered based on our discretion.

Can I apply if I am not a Turkic American?

Although preference is given to applicants who are Turkic Americans, students from all backgrounds, from all nationalities are encouraged to apply.

Can I receive academic credit for completing an internship?

Awarding academic credit for an internship is determined by every high school, college, or university independently. However, the TAF will provide the appropriate information as requested by your school in order to help each of our interns receive credit for their work with us.

Can I apply if I am a high school student?

Absolutely you can. However, the TAF accepts only a limited number of high school students.

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