Component Membership

  • Applicant organization shall have goals and aspirations consistent with those of TAFM as demonstrated by their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
  • Applicant organization shall apply, and must be accepted, for membership by TAFM Board of Directors.
  • An applicant member and, upon approval to membership, a Component Member, shall not engage in activities that are at cross purposes with an existing TAFM Component Member.
  • An applicant member must have been incorporated and functional for at least 3 months prior to mailing its application.
  • Upon approval, the Component Member shall fulfill the following, annual requirements (the records listed below shall also be submitted as changes occur):
    • Pay membership dues set by the TAFM Bylaws.
    • Send the names, addresses and telephone numbers of its Board of Directors.
    • Send a copy of association’s current membership and address list.
    • Be prepared to designate the delegates that will represent the association at TAF Annual Regular Meeting of the Members.

Application for Membership:

  • A letter of application expressing interest to join TAFM shall be forwarded to TAFM.
  • The following requirements are submitted with the letter of application:
    • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of its Board of Directors to be submitted with the letter of application.
    • List of names and addresses of current membership to be submitted with the letter of application.
    • $500 membership fee to be submitted with the letter of application.

The following documents do not need to be submitted but must be available for review if needed:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Annual budget and activity list
  • Membership list.
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